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What is KONNEX (KNX)?
10 manufacturing companies in Europe came together in Brussels in 1990 and established the EIB Association (EIBA) and standardized the infrastructure (INSTABUS) technology of the 2000s in the building automation system. Later, BCI (France) Batibus systems, EIB Association (Belgium) EIB system, European Home Systems Association (Netherlands) EHS system came together and established KONNEX Association.

The KNX system consists of a two-wire BUS line and sensor (sensor, switch) and actuator (driver) elements connected to this line. KNX system elements are programmed according to their functions and they work according to these parameters. KNX elements perform their functions independently without a central control unit by sending telegrams to each other over the KNX line to which they are connected. This provides a very common automation opportunity on the system. Any sensor (on / off switch, light level sensor, temperature sensor, etc.) broadcasts the status of the system. Drivers who receive this information (on-off unit, dimmer, solenoid valve, fan coil, etc.) perform the commands / functions they receive within their programs.

Tms Technology Management Systems

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About our KNX courses
- Our KNX basic course (English or Turkish) takes 5 full days.
- Course hours are between 9.00 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 17.30 every day.
- Lessons are in the form of theoretical and practical application.
- Our course has a capacity of 6 people.
- The course is opened with sufficient applications.
- There is no need for a separate fee for the exam for the course participants

Arguments, Communication, Topology, Telegraph, Bus Devices, Powerline, Installation, ETS5 Planning, ETS5 Commissioning, ETS5 Diagnosis, Theory Exam, Practical Exam theory and practical exam are held on the last day. Candidates who are successful in the theory exam are eligible to take the practical exam. For exam fees, contact

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