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TMS Technology Systems develops automation solutions with leading brands in the industry, projects to add marine applications to luxury life. Many things and more that can be controlled at home can now be done on yachts.

Let's list some of the automation system that offers comfort and entertainment on the water by providing you with special experiences;
• Lighting and air conditioning - You save energy thanks to the lights that come on a while before you reach your yacht and the heating system that starts operating.
• By automatically controlling the lights outside the yacht, you increase the safety of the crew.
• You fix the inside temperature of the cabin with the thermostat.
• Transferring GPS and navigation information on TV or touch screens, the coordinates of the yacht and the distance to the destination; you ensure that both you and your guests on your yacht observe.
• At certain times of the day, you turn the lights on, off, or dim automatically according to the outside light level.
• Your shutters open and close automatically according to the cloudy weather or the sunset, in order to provide the most suitable daylight in the cabin.
• You can manage your audio and video archives from different sources in one place and play them from the room of your yacht.

the rest is up to your creativity!

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