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Restaurant & Bar


Managing multiple television broadcasts simultaneously in gyms or restaurants is a bit complicated. With TMS Teknoloji, it makes it easier for your team to manage AV system and lights.

Play HD images from different sources on more than one TV and manage them all from one simple interface.
Automate lighting and air conditioning systems to save energy. Open the whole building with a single click and save time by closing everything itself by pressing the "Closing" button during closing hours.

Meeting room


Technology improves in every meeting and presentation. Sometimes it can be a problem to keep everything running smoothly. TMS Technology can help you manage your meeting room as you wish.
You can dim the lights for one-touch presentation. You can download the screen or projector and operate your video conferencing system. Thanks to its skilled video conferencing support and simple interface, you can easily manage employees outside the field to include them in interviews.

Fitness & Spa


Fitness centers often use a large number of TV and sound systems. Lighting, air conditioning and security systems are also available. Take management and focus on your customers' experience with TMS Technology solutions.
You can access music from any room from any room. Thus, each instructor can choose the favorites of his class. You can send HD images from any source to any screen in the building. You can program the pool, hot tub and sauna to save water and energy. You can turn everything off and activate the security system with a single click.

Clinic Office


Doctors and Dentists discovered the advantages of automation. TMS Teknoloji provided patients and employees with unexpected comfort.
Automate lighting and air conditioning to save energy. Program lighting scenarios according to procedural needs. Use the intercom system to communicate with nurses and patients. Have your patients manage their own fun while they heal.

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